CAT test in Patients with Connective Tissue Disease-assoc. ILD


May 24, 2019

Discussion topic and resource: Performance of COPD Assessment Test in patients with connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung disease.

Reference:  Respiratory Medicine 150 (2019) 15-20, published by Elsevier Ltd.

Lead by:  Dr. Tourin
Duration: 45 minutes
Discussion: This study was focused on extending the knowledge on the CAT (COPD Assessment Test) by examining it reliability, validity and responsiveness in patients with CTD-ILD.

There were moderately strong correlations between 6 and 12 month change in CAT score and 6-12 month change in FVC% pred. (relative change), DLCO % pre. (relative change), 6MWD, Min sp02 at 6MWT, and mMRC. Mean improvements in CAT score mirrored improvements in anchors. Even if it was devided into smokers and never-smokers, CAT scores were responsive to changes in disease status over time as well.

Conclusion:  CAT has good measurement properties with acceptable reliability, validity and responsiveness to assess health status in patients with CTD-ILD. CAT might be an appropriate patient-reported outcome measure of health status in a daily clinical practice in patient with CTD-ILD.

-Audrey, Rep (ROCHE); Olga Tourin, MD; Tammy Glas, RRT; Andrew Li, RRT; Stephanie Dick LPN