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U-Breathe provides wide range of diagnostic tests as well as consultations with the lung specialist.
We believe in short wait times, comprehensive respiratory assessments and a patient-centered approach.

U-Breathe opened its doors to see the patients in October 2015. Since the very beginning the clinic was focused on providing care to the patients with the breathing issues in the community.

We strive to apply the very best clinical practices to diagnose the reasons for any breathing symptoms, optimize lung risk factors and improve the management of chronic lung diseases.

Patient Experience

The Staff that all work at U-Breathe are exceptional, I have nothing but great things to say right from the very start as a patient every visit has been an overall great experience the kindness The patience the time that each member as showed me. I want to say a very big thank you to all the staff members and my Dr. Tourin who looked out for me and took care of me. keep up the good work!
I am very happy and proud to meet Dr. Tourin, we are lucky to have a doctor like her very smart, listening, and intelligent. Dr. Tourin is very detailed and listen to her patients patiently, look into all aspects before prescribing any treatment. That is very important for all the doctors to look into everything before they prescribe any treatment. Thank you for Respiratory Therapists for all the help. I recommend everyone in the city to see Dr. Tourin regarding any breathing problems. Thank you very much for all the work you do for your patients
I have been a patient at U-Breathe since March 2021. My journey of seeking wellness for my pulmonary system has been very serious. The strong support of Dr. Olga Tourin and her staff at U-Breathe have made all the difference in my journey to achieve the wellness I am searching for. U-Breathe provides a very high level of care for its patients who have respiratory issues, and I am grateful to my family practice clinic for referring me to Dr. Tourin.
Last week I had an appointment at U-Breathe, and once again I was impressed with this office. From the time you walk in your well taken care of, from the ladies at the front to having the testing done, then on to Stephanie. She is a great help in guiding me through the questions, but what amazes me most is Dr. Olga Tourin. This busy lady spent so much time with me, answering questions, feeding me information, and making sure I was on the right track, and understood what was going on. I consider myself extremely lucky to have her and all the people at U Breathe in my corner.
The front desk girls are awesome as is Brian and Dr. Tourin. I have been going to this clinic for a few years, I have never had a bad experience. Thank you so much U-Breathe Respirology for your expertise and friendly manner.
I came to see Dr. Olga Tourin several years ago when my current respirologist felt he could no longer assist me with my breathing issues. We never really appreciate how precious and important breathing is, until we are unable to do so successfully. Needless to say I was feeling desperate and disappointed in what I saw as my new limited lifestyle. As soon as I met Dr. Tourin and her above and beyond dynamic team, I knew my life would change for the better. And change for the better it has. With Dr. Tourin's experience and caring team, I am now in the healthiest lung condition I've experienced in years. I am off of medications that were harmful over the long term and my semi-monthly bouts of bronchial pneumonia have stopped occuring. Dr. Tourin never leaves a stone unturned. Dr Tourin looks at your entire health as a whole and treats you like your wellbeing is a genuine concern. It is a rare feeling these days, to know you are more than just a patient number. To this team, I am a person and am treated with respect and genuine support. I know I have felt I'm in the very best care. She will utilize all of her knowledge and testing abilities to ensure you get to live your best life. This team has literally changed my life and I appreciate each and every member of this fantastic team.
I had an appointment yesterday for a breathing test at the Calgary office. I am writing to commend the technician I dealt with, Zahira. She has a very pleasant professional as well as personal manner. This was the fourth time I have had these tests done in the last 13 years at various other facilities and Zahira was by far the best technician I have dealt with. She explained things really well, making sure I knew what to expect and how quickly or slowly I was to breath to get the best results. She was very easy to deal with, never yelling at me or being negative if I did something incorrectly.I believe if patients get bad treatment, they should complain. I also believe that if I get great service, I should compliment.

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