About Olga Tourin MD

It has been my privilege to provide care to patients who have breathing problems and suffer from various lung conditions.

Since coming to Calgary in 2004, I have been working in the field of respiratory medicine both in hospital and outpatient settings.

I believe in preventative medicine and that the biggest impact can be made during routine assessments rather than emergency care. That with timely optimal treatment, with the right medication, combined with lifestyle changes can make a lasting improvement in the quality of life and for the most part, prevent the need for acute emergency care. As such I would like to focus my efforts on providing this care in the clinic.

Let me tell you professional journey.

Originally from Belarus, I earned my MD in 1993, and subsequently practiced respiratory medicine in Belarus. After moving to Canada in 2001, I attained certified examinations and then joined FMC (Foothills Medical Center) in this capacity. During that time, I completed my residency training in Internal Medicine 2010 and subsequently in Respirology 2012, both through the University of Calgary.  I continue to attend courses, workshops, and conferences in Respirology specialty to maintain my competence to provide the most appropriate care.